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Hi all. I am new to the Triumph world, has driven many other bikes but my first with a Triumph.

That said I am really struggling to get good intel on the configuration on the friction and steel plates on the 2006 Speed Triple 1050. The manual (on the clutch issue - if you can call it one- isn't very helpful and forthcoming) and the sites most refer me to just doesn't help much on the configuration and qty of each...

See my epilog at the bottom for what happened. We stripped the clutch to asses why we couldn't get the bike out of gear ones the engine is started and running (clutch fully pulled) - Gears disengage when the engine isn't running. On inspection we found the lever that pulls the clutch (one on the motor that is pulled by the cable) has been damaged. We want to ensure that all the plates are within specification and fitted correctly again.

I have gather so far:
This info I have gathered from various forums, manuals and sites (everywhere)..
You get 2 x different thickness Friction plates and 2 different thickness Steel plates.
The friction plates is easy to understand as they have only two that differs from the stack, so they go on the outer limits of the stack. (pls pls correct me if I am misinformed)
BUT as I could gather you get 4 x 1.6mm and 5 x 2mm Steel plates.

Can someone please assist me on where the plates go (the correct configuration order of the plates - all the plates, friction and steel), pls pls pls. I am not a super guru or trained mechanic (has done this on many a bike and car over the years, with help and proper manuals) but I am struggling to get this one sorted (as the manuals well as I said isn't very forthcoming) and would like to know what to do in case of emergency (and now I have an emergency), hence the questions...

Thank you all for your combined information and assistance regarding this issue.


Ps. (Background as to my emergency and questions): The bike stood for a long time. We had a Triumph specialist (with many years Triumph experience) go through the motor and get it started and fixed everything up for use again (after a hefty bill I must include). Got the bike back, started as it should, and off I went for a spin. The clutch felt a bit stiff but I thought it so (as I said I am new to the Triumph world and this was my first ever spin on a Triumph). We drove around town for about 35km (yes I am from South Africa and we measure in kilometers). Stopped for the night and the next morning wanted to take it out again and here is where the emergency started. I could get clutch, very very stiff. Clicked into first gear and while the engine is running that is where it stays. You can shift while driving but is stuck when you stop. When you stop you must hold onto the brakes as it wants to take off again with no regard to the guy on top. moving it backwards isn't an option as the immense power of this beast keeps you going forward.
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