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Cold air ducting

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Custom cold air ducting to prevent heated air from header, radiator, and oil cooler from entering airbox. Reduces intake air over 20 degrees F. SAI removed using Kuhlka's block off plates. Third version made from custom molds - Generation III CAI?

Above radiator ducting:

Three pieces made from 'glass cloth:
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Using the stock air temp sensor in the airbox, and a lab grade thermocouple, the air entering the airbox and inside the air box drops over 20* F with this mod. Tested in the US DEEP SOUTH where hot and very humid is normal.

This is a very nice increase in power if you use the old rule of thumb that each 10* F that you drop intake air temps, will give you 1% more power, and even more if you tune fuel and ignition timing to make up for the decreased temps.
We love the Dev're one of those guys that is constantly thinking about SOMETHING aren't you? Good post!

I wish I had more free time to experiment with some of these things myself, how do you manage?
I don't sleep - my little brain won't shut off. Well, not much.

I often wake up and go out to the shop and start working on stuff. Mostly just to just shut up the little voices in my head that ask "will it work?", "how much will it work?", "I bet you can't make it work better!".

The problem is they ask the same questions about cars, boats, bikes, firearms, etc.

I like to learn, engines and mechanical devices are a passion and a learning experience.

If I take the laptop and internet out of the garage, I might even get more done. mentioned firearms too. Hmmmm, now that I think of it, I don't look much like my dad.......Did your father spend any time in IL in the past? :p
Are you my long lost step-brother?!!!!
Hmmm, could be. Sounds like we both like to mod stuff.....I just haven't had speedy long enough to do so. I've got tons of experience with HD based stuff and cars but this is my first Triumph and I think I'm too paranoid about their warranty services to do much of anything just yet.

I most definately like the idea of cold air induction and will follow this thread.
Raising an old topic from the dead...

Devi, how about removal of the airbox inlet horns? Will that increase flow thru the air filter at all? It seems once the stock unit is replaced with a K&N or the like, and flow mods are made back through the exhaust system, these two holes are going to provide insufficient flow.

Has anyone removed these to any good effect?

Also, could this shield be made in aluminum and have the same reduction in intake temp?
The airbox inlets are big enough for a lot more power than many will ever make. Realize that the plenum volume of the airbox is the part that the cylinders draw from, and that the airbox inlets do not see a very high air velocity.

I removed them, and even replaced them with ones with a slightly better shap. I couldn't see any difference.

If you make the shield from aluminum, you will need to coat the back side with a thermal barrier coating to prevent the heat from the engine being radiated to the top side and the air entering the engine. But even without the coating, it will likely be better than stock.
Thanks, as always, for the quick reply!
I just want to see one made in aluminum. That would be sharp looking if done right. My 'glass one is nearly invisible, unless you know what you are looking at.

I know Kuhlka has some mad aluminum working skills too - just too little time right now.
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