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Color Combinations...

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Set up separate layers in photoshop and can pick just about any color from the rainbow. When I actually find a good paint shop, I'm going to pick a color then have them spray a piece of plastic with different colors to see what it will actually look like when its all done, then decide if I want to go ahead with that specific color. Same thing for the frame. What do you guys think.

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how 'bout green and yeller? Kinda give her a nice John Deere look. ;D
gunmetal gray with the black can looks like something from that scifi show with jessica alba.
I like both the blue and the red. Not the painted frame though.
86LG4T5 said:
gunmetal gray with the black can looks like something from that scifi show with jessica alba.
mmmmm.....jessica alba.....
Ilike the green, but try it with white frame accents/wheels (and stickers) for a true British-racer look.
how bout the green with the red frame.

through in some yellow accent somewhere

rasta style :afro:
Gray with black.

Nope, then you'd look like me. ;D
I think so far I'm liking the Graphite bodywork with Red frame and silver exhaust.

British Racing Green bodywork with silver frame and silver exhaust looks good too. I think I would get the exhaust ceramic coated gray instead of staying bare stainless if I were to go that route.
Just leave it black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocker:
a nice dark yellow color wouldn't be too bad either.
Gunmetal gray/red/black zard gets my vote!!
Bichomalo said:
Just leave it black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocker:
So does that mean powdercoat the frame black? Right now I've got the stock painted silver frame.
What we need here is more cowbell.

I like the red on red. It looks a lot better than I thought it would.
Also, the green body on red frame looks pretty good too. Nice contrast and not christmassy.

What about that paint that changes colors?

I dig the blue. Also, in all the pictures I think the Zard looks better when it's au natural. It draws the eye more.
I am a warped and deranged person (as noted by others) and I really like the dark green and black.

I also kinda like the blue and black, but not as well.
Not bad, grasshopper. Not bad.

The hub cap has to be red though.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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