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Cool ride safe video

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In any language this footage makes you want to ride with both eyes open.
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ya see....if ya just wheelie the whole time...when a car pulls out in front of your, you will just ramp right over them :smitty: :smitty:
Once you are on that bike, everyone is out to get you, and you are invisible. Someone here said that in another post and I cannot think of any truer words.
wow... very sobering video.. R.I.P. to some of those pictured.. can anyone translate the words at the end, or does anyone even know what language it is?
ouch...the one with the van one top of the that one with the bike dividing that metro right in half...

OUCH...that guy getting ran over going onto the onramp!!!!
found the translation in the comments for the video:
This movie is intended to warn drivers of the possible hazards on the roads.

1 out of every 100 motorists rides a motorcycle.

in 70% of all accidents between a MC more... and a car the driver said he didn't see the MC or saw him too late.

still too little drivers think about MC in daily traffic.

Riders must also take heed of their vulnerability.

A rider is vulnerable.

Compared to a car a MC has more difficulty in evading sudden obstacles such as a bad road, branches or animals

Car accidents have a mortality rate of 20%.

MC accidents have one of 60%.

Because of their size MCs seem further away.

Riders often brake on the engine which does not make the brakelights flare up.

In MC rider jargon (loosely translated) crashbarriers are also called Guillotines and frenchfriesslicers...(I prefer eggslicers)

slippery roadmarkings on wet roads are disaster for twowheelers...

Look, twice, save lives, motorcycles are everywhere.

In memory of our friends...Riders...
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Seen that before......ALWAYS worth watching again. RIDE SAFE!!!!!
Okay, thats it. I am selling speedy... :slap:...nevermind, I'll keep her...

Good post bruzza.
Was that a 955i S3 in there? (9-8 minute mark)

The somersaulting guy at the 7 min mark was the one Spanish police got after he robbed a bank.

Good reminder. :drink:
the one motorcycle embedded in the small car's passenger/driver section was insane. I mean, only the rear wheel was still slightly sticking out of the car. Good grief. Where's my will?
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