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Anyone from over there tried the Cortech Sport Tailbag and Cortech Sport Saddlebags,looks like they zip together?Rang them and they said they don't ship outside of the USA.I have a low mount exhaust so saddlebags shouldn't be a worry.
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I know it doesn't help....but I like my accelerator gloves by them..... :-\
Sorry,didn't see the post on page 2,no mention of the saddlebags though. :popcorn:
I have them on my ninja (I don't have high mounts on the S3) and love them. They sit outside all day at work and don't show it a bit. They expand, have handles and shoulder straps and just work well. They also come with rain covers. I have never used them, although I have heard that the covers tend to come off.

But I have't tried other bags to compare.
I just got them for my 99 S3. It ain't gonna work with the Highmount CF Tors. Great Quality they all hook together and would look great with a low mount. I am going to attach the saddlebags to the side of the Sport tailbag and that will keep them off the exhaust. Overall they look great and appear to be solid quality and would recommend them. My Last bike was a Harley with HUGE bags so I could fit a ton of stuff, these aren't that big but would work on 2-3 day trip. I'll try and post some pics once I get the saddlebags mounted to the tailpack. If it doesn't work, I may be selling them on here.

Thanks fella's,looking at a couple of other set -ups too,trouble is i have the kurzes heck undertail and i think the turn signals will get in the way,see what happens. :popcorn:
Bucket, I have the tailbag and saddle bag set. This is good gear. It fastens to the bike well, yet comes off easily when you want it to. Yes, the covers do come off - I lost one. I heard somewhere that they're supposed to be used inside the bags however that doesn't seem logical. Even with the cover gone, the contents of the bag didn't get soaked in a moderate downpour. Beyond that, they stay on well at 125 mph, look good, hold more gear than I need to bring along and the price is excellent.
That's what i want to hear,managed to get a set from DSR Powersports in Omaha,Nebraska.Should be downunder in about ten days.Am working on a bracket to keep the bags of the indicators. :beer:
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