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Hi everyone
i have this slightly alarming freeplay in ( mainshaft which counter sprocket sits on )
its not as bad as one old thread i found...the SP3 rider reckons he can rock his bike back and forth some 5 inches with first gear selected....mine is less than half of that. i just measured it, using sidestand as a guage & marking with a pen onto tape stuck to the floor, i have some 6cm or 2&1/4inches.
i didnt notice it when i bought the bike, must ride to smoothly.
Its not loose countersprocket or the cush drive nor throttle cables, ive checked thouroughly.
this gives a bit of a whiplash effect on rolling on & off the throttle..........i used to be pretty good at wheelies but it would be a good way to die as the bike is right now.
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