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Credit where credit's due!

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So my story. I bought a new 1200 RS last year (after much deliberation) after having loved the 1050RS I'd had previously.

I had a shocking start to my Triumph experience with a dented tank on collection so had to wait two months for a replacement, a seat that had to be replaced on warranty, bolts coming undone, the dreaded "low oil pressure warning" and then the final straw which was a complete shut down (mid corner!!) which nearly had me off. The bike went back to the dealer to be told that the low oil warning was just a known issue that Triumph was working on and that effectively there was nothing that could be done!!

So that was the end of my Triumph experience as far as I was concerned. I emailed Tim Bloor (yes I really was that pi$$ed off!), told him exactly what I thought of his bikes and booked a test ride on a new Tuono. I assumed that would be that.

Then this happened. I had an email, text and call from the Director of operations imploring me to stick with the brand, it wasn't the experience they would want and that he would personally arrange for everything to be sorted. I was genuinely shocked as I'd just wanted a rant before binning the bike off.

Anyway, after some back and forth, I decided to take him up soon his offer. 24 hours later a truck turned up at my door, they collected the bike, took it back to Hinkley and performed the following:
  • ECM status report to check existing software installed
  • Tyre pressures set and chain lube
  • 17 mile road test to confirm oil pressure light fault, light came on after 10 miles.
  • Chassis control unit software updated to the latest version which was released to resolve false flagging of the oil pressure light
  • A new Triumph Shift assist unit fitted to alleviate any concerns raised with this occasionally not working
  • A new RH Switchcube/Kill switch fitted to alleviate any concerns raised with the bike cutting out.
  • A new battery fitted to the smart key to alleviate any concerns raised with the key occasionally not working
  • Road tested for a further 17 miles to confirm all concerns that you have raised/experienced are now resolved.
  • Bike refuelled to replace fuel used during road testing.
  • Service bulletin SB600 for an upgraded detent spring on the gear selection behind the clutch and safety recall
  • Service bulletin SB605 for a cooling fan heat shield to be fitted on the back of the radiator fan along with a change to keep the cooling fan running for a short period after turning the bike off to aid the cooling down of the motorcycle.
Another 24 hours later and the bike was returned and back in my garage!!!

I've got to say in 35 years of biking I've never come across customer service like it. I actually felt like a valued customer and not just a number on a spreadsheet. Most importantly, my bike is back and running properly and I'm 100% committed to staying with the brand.
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Man that is awesome. I wanted 1200 but figured it would take a couple years to work out kinks so last April I bought 3400 mile 2019 1050 rs n abosutly love it. I had a 2015 1050 abs before n no comparison.
What is biggest difference between 2019 rs versus 1200? Would love to chat with you. I'm also looking apprise factory.
I think you were right to wait for a couple of years. I think a lot of people have done the same hence the slow take up. In terms of differences, for me personally it feels quicker. The gear box and quick shift definitely feels smoother (was actually a selling point for me). I think they look better if I’m honest. I’ve got the gloss black one and have swapped pretty much all the plastic off for carbon. They are a harder ride but not an issue for me as I’d spent 15 years on a VTR SP1 before my 1050RS which was like riding on hardboard! Other than that I’m only 1200 miles in so only really just starting to get into it (especially as I’m a fair weather rider and it’s wet over here in the UK seemingly all the bloomin time at the moment). All in all though glad I made the swap now.
Thanks for the post @Rimbo 👍 I just picked up a ’22 RS and I love it (first Triumph ever for me, I’m 56-riding since 13)
I traded a ‘22 s1000rr that sat in the dealership for over 2mos with a bad yaw rate sensor. The ownership experience was terrible, from bolts falling off to the major mechanical issue to the lack of communication and concern from BMW. I even got a lawyer to deal with it.
I’ve been a lifelong Japanese bike die-hard for the performance and reliability-I ride a lot. I tried a Harley and lost all performance and reliability, so I went back to Yamaha(Mt10 and R1 for the track) I went out on a limb with the Beamer and paid the price. I almost went back to an MT10SP, but fell in love with the Speed Triple 👍 Nice to hear Triumph cares about keeping customers!!
I think we’re a brother from another mother! 😂. You’ve literally just replayed my life story (same age, same riding years, but minus the beemer and I’ve still got the Harley).
I must admit I had a major wobble with triumph when I was having the problems, but they genuinely turned me around. Hope you enjoy the RS. I think now they’re ironing out the new model issues it should be an amazing piece of kit. Just need the damn weather to sort itself out now!!
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