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Crushed header pipe!!!

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Great weekend of riding ended on a sour note!! After riding about 160 miles on Sunday, about 15 miles from my house I went over speed bump a little too fast (didn't see it until the last moment) and hit it hard. One of the header pipes hit it where it makes the curve from vertical to horizontal and crushed it about a third of its diameter. Is this a big problem and what can I do about it? Can a muffler shop punch it back out?
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Where is the dent?

I am always amazed at how much the primaries can be deformed before performance is effected. However, in the wrong place, it can hurt.
limebone said:
Can a muffler shop punch it back out?
Propably yes.

It can be fixed no matter how bad the damage is.
Thanks guys, I'll probably get it pushed back out just in case the damage does happen to be in the wrong place.
Sounds like a wizard time to remove the pre-cat and port the header!

A decent body and fender guy should be able to pull that out for you. All else fails you take it to a good exhaust fabricator and see what he can do. Or just wait for the new ChainReaction header!
You're right crash, a good time to do some mods. I need to do a search for removing the pre cat and porting the headers, by loosely following some of the posts it doesn't seem like a huge project. Also how much ceramic coating cost?
Ceramic coating: It really depends. I had the header and mid pipe done for about $130 at Performance Coatings and the shipping was about $12 from my place. Depending on what you want it could be more or less. Devi and some others do it themselves but I don't have facilities to even attempt that project.

Removing the precat and porting the headers is a no-brainer, as long as you have access to a welder. I'm sure a local welding shop could do the welding for you for a minimal cost. It's really just two little holes to fill. The porting of the headers is easy dremel work.

The whole process is shown here on this site somewhere.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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