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Custom 05+ Undertail system!

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So I am tired of waiting for someone to do this thing so I went ahead and purchased an RS5 from Yoshimura and it should be here in 3-4 weeks backordered :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Should look good considering it is only 12.25 inches long! Clearance may be a slight problem but if using the Mad Doc, or some cusom taillight/signal/license bracket (I am leaning this route for now) it should be close but not scrapping.

The inlet on this thing is 2.25" and that looks pretty close to what the pipe on the S3 is (before the ugly mid pipe triumph currently has) can anyone please verify. If not I am just going to have to make an adapter...

I will post tons of pictures as this progesses!
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My 03 has 1 7/8" after the header. You might want to get out a caliper and check. Pretty sure you'll need some kind of stepped sleeve to fit that.
The stock tail pipe on the header is 1.75"
Chainreaction Is that for the 05+?

Guess I am having a custom mid pipe made anyhow shouldn't be hard to make an adapter. I actually have some time tonight (if I am not trying to fix my computer) so I might go and measure!
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