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Custom Tags

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Many bikers have custom license tags on their bikes.
My Speed Triple is the first bike I have put a custom tag on a bike.

My last name is Tripp.

The tag reads - TRIPP-L

What does your tag read? What good ones on bikes have you seen?
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I don't have one, but I've seen some cool one's. One that comes to mind is STNDITUP ;D And yep, that feller could ride a helluva wheelie!
I know oldsquids is PWRTRIP mine is boring TRIST3 wich is gonna change soon. Looking for a new one.
If I wasn't such a cheapbastard, I'd pay the exta $ and get OLYELLER! ;D
There are two cars around here with the rego numbers QQQQ and the other is 4Q2......
This would be a good one to have XXX or triple X....
S3PNK = Speed Triple Punk, but easy to misinterpret as Pink so I'm going to eventually get it switched. When I get a turbo its going to be something like BOOST.
mine is K8GJ. anyone care to make up what it could stand for?
Kay ate Greasy Junkfood ? not exactly
WOOT! S3VIL was available when I went to renew online so I ordered it with a 2 year renewal! WOOHOOO!

Hey, S3vil (evil) looks better than S3 pink. S3X was available, but I'm having no luck trying to buy that plate. I think they may have caught it after I checked. Damn...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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