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Daytona head on my Sprint RS

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I got a complete head from ebay it's from a 1997 Triumph Daytona 955.
I'm hoping this should brighten up my RS I recently installed a K/N filter and it made a noticeable difference.
I also have a Daytona TOR can coming as well.
I've been thinking about getting the head milled to raise the compression to Daytona Spec's.Could this be a problem?
My bike has 9k km on it so the engine is in good condition.
Also I have looked at the possibility of using Daytona or S3 rods would these work with my bottom end and would it be worth the xtra hazzle?
I appreciate any suggestions/ideas.
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Does anyone know the compr ratio for the newer Triumph Daytona/Speed 3?
The ratio for the 97 daytona/Speed 3 is 11.2:1 like I mentioned i want to skim the head a couple of thou.
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