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Daytona section needed here ASAP!!!!

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Daytona section needed here ASAP!!!!

Hey Cat it’s no good mate we need a Daytona section on this site, T-rat is deleting posts again, I have not posted on the Speed Triple section since the Devious ordeal but I still post on the Daytona section. Can you please sort out a bit of space for the Daytona junkies to have their fix without harassment from the moderator Nazis.
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Not a bad idea.

Some :squid: need fairings. ;D
Yeah. not a bad idea :) Daytona guys need to buy devi a daytona though so they can have technical support too ;D
LOL...LOL.... how have we managed this long........
TRX900 and RaceComp are the Daytona gurus. Not that I wouldn't mind working on one.

I would really like to get my hands on a 675 Daytona. Supercharging a 675 would be FUN.
*cough cough* and are both available...

Perhaps we could attach individual forums (,, etc) to the website?
Dfib: Or my favorite ................ LOL...LOL...LOL.......

Thats funny..........
Seriously though, we do need a section for Daytona and SpeedTona bikes.
It is a must for serious engine modifications and tuning that relates to the Daytona engine. I don’t wish to post good information about Triumph related stuff on any other sites first!!! This is my port of call for info!!!!! I do post on t595 but I do find that site a bit too sarcastic and bitchy sometimes, so I keep it a bit low key…..
Hmn......... really....... HMN.............. wouldn't be that much effort to do just that... HMN......
Come on Cat you can do it!!!! Thanks in advance, you are the man!!!
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