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Yes, you will get a check engine light from a low battery.
Even after replacing it will remain on until after the 3 warm-up cycles as indicated by rbrsddn above - as he also stated, assuming there are no other current fault conditions.

A warm-up cycle is defined as:

  • Coolant must be raised > 72 C
  • After 72 C coolant must be raised by 23 C from start temp
  • Controlled Power down must take place

If you are concerned with the CEL (after all you can't be sure what is causing it unless you can pull the code), then the easiest way to clear the light is to start & idle & let it warm until over 72 deg, then shut it off using the key (not the kill). Then let it cool off for a bit and repeat the process, then again.
By the 4th start, assuming the fault condition is gone, it should clear. If it hasn't, give it another cycle to be sure.
I just went through this exercise only yesterday when replacing my own battery - got a new SVR 14 so we'll see how that works out.
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