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Deep Base Exhaust Sound

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Dear all ..

Can anyone share with me the best sound that u hv heard on a S3 exhaust mod? I hv just got a set of Arrow 3-1, the looks i must say is very nice. It really cleans up the rear-end with a much neater definition (but of course for the $$$ it costs, it better be) .. but truly with the sound, i am much disappointed.

"Music to my ears could be noice to others" ... on the contary i really expected more NOISE on a streetfighter then music. At the moment, my Arrow 3-1 is producing music comparing with my guys who r on the DucatiS4RSwith termi pipes (the dealers of each make, tells me that they r different engines. Some even gave me a good example between a Mitsubishi Evo(Triumph) and a Subura WRX(Ducati).

There is only a handfull of TS3 in Singapore. The killer looks of the machine do live up to its reputation of a streetfighter .. Now all i need is "The Sound" to bring out the Hooligan.Can i do any mod to my Arrows 3-1? Or do i hv to fit on a different exhausts(Please let this be the lasts resort) to turn the heads of the Harley riders?

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I cannot speak for all exhausts, only the ones I have heard in person, on this bike. Comparing the stock, TORS, M4, Trident, Chain Reacton, Arrow, and Zard, I like the Trident sound best. Very deep and powerful sounding - I get compliments all the time on the sound of the bike.

Any laminated silencer (carbon or fiberglass) will absorb the high pitch tones that are simply reflected inside of a metal silencer. But be aware that some "carbon" silencers are mearly carbon over a metal can - like the earlier Triumph TORS for the 955 bikes.
From what I've read here the Trident carbon half system is probably the sound you're looking for.
[edit] Dev beat me to it.
I would have to agree. Of those I've heard in the flesh(TORs, Chain Reactions, Zard, Two Brothers, Eagle, and Tridents), the Trident carbon half system is the bassiest of them that I've heard.
Any hope on my 2wks old Arrow3-1 ?? Sob!Sob!
Any Doctors or Surgeons in the house who had performed a mod on these pipes???
I haven't even seen the new Arrow 3-1 in the flesh, so I don't know much about it at all. Does it not have any type of baffle(db killer) that can be removed?
i just got the mivv from pj's parts and i will say it is deeper than the other i ve heard in person, arrow, CRM, zard and the m4...karts too brothers was about the only other one i really remember saying wow that shit is loud
Does that Arrow have a removable baffle??
Nothing to remove, its straight thru
I reckon you could always just give me that worthless exhaust system. :popcorn:

The size of the can, its shape, and packing all have an effect on the sound. smaller cans tend to have less bass and more whine.

like mine :)
I too have heard the Arrow 3/1. NBD I like the sound and look of mine, but I'm sure there is better.
Does it sound like the sound clip on the Triumph web site?

I'll take it off your hands Streetfighter33, I'm closer than cheapbastard and I'll even pay for it :eboy:
If you listen to all the clips on the Ultimate exhaust thread, that might help. I just did and the Trident was clearly the deepest sound. Now, don't forget sound on a clip is dependant on what was used to record it. The Trident site claims 7 hp increase and up to 12 with the mid pipe. Believe what you want.
i hv done a re-map to my Arrow3-1 .. still unable to achieve the deep base that i crave BUT i've got something of a bonus to compliment WAHAHAHA (BACKFIRE) shot bursts of flamed backfire .. Not bad, a lttle present for the streetfighter
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