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We now have a download section?

Devious suggested it and so shall it be! ... for those interested in Tuneboy Tunes he has provided 2. check it out..;dl=0
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They haven't been uploaded again since the change over on the forum. I will send them again to Catahoula. Plus a few more.
I sent the tunes again. Plus one for the guys that have removed the precat to try.
Catahoula did it!

The new tunes are available for DOWNLOAD. They are zipped, and will need to be unzipped before use.

If you are blind (like me), you will find the DOWNLOAD link on the left side of the page - just under the box with your avatar.
Speed constant:
I used a handheld (1Hz, 1 update/sec) GPS. I targeted 75 mph for accuracy. It will be off at other speeds, but this is a good speed for both high and low speed accuracy.

I started at Wayne's recommended 107% AND MADE SMALL ADJUSTMENTS until it was reasonably accurate at 75 mph and at 40 mph. This seemed like a good compromise.

Not perfect, but it works well for me.

I was curious just how high it would adjust. I think I can get it to read 200 mph at much lower speeds - never tried it, but it would make for a good laugh.

The tachometer inacuracy is what drives me nuts. 9850 rpm reads around 11,500 rpm on the tach.
Actually, no. On the dyno, the ECU rev limit and the tach signal show correct. It just displays incorrectly. I NAIL the rev limit on the dyno all the time. I've been playing with the mapping to keep it from hitting hard. (so that if I hit it accidentaly, it does not upset the bike).

The ignition cut/rev limit and the shift lights are correct. It is just the tach itself that has the problem. It may be a needle swing issue, or simply a bad correction factor from the ECU.

I have my shift lights set at the highest setting -10K I think. They come on 1500 rpm before the rpm where you have them set. But they seem to be right when I have noticed them on the dyno. I don't notice them much when I ride.

edit - I need to look over what I write befor I post - or use spell check. My spelling is whore-able.
Along the same lines:

I used to race boats. 2.5L V6 two-stroke engines making over 400 hp naturally asperated on gas (more on nitromethane, and LOTS more on nitrous oxide). I turned mine as much as 11,400 rpm. Some of the guys I raced with/against used 10,000 or 12,000 rpm analog tacks. If you compared the max rpm on the ECU it would read 200-300 differently than the recall on the tach. The needle swing was accurate in its middle range, but not at high and low rpm.
Honestly, I use sound and feel. I don't look at the tach much anymore.

I watched it a good bit when it was new. Now I just rev the $hite out of it - scaring women and small children. Especially with the Trident and no precat!

I really need to make a good video with sound of the bike on the dyno.
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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