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different handlebars

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anyone using a different brand of handlebars on their sp3? I used to use gold pro tapers but then i lost the use of the bar end mirrors cause they were too thin in the ends. :(

Are renthals the same diameter as the stock handlebars?
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My Renthal Streetfighter bars, as well as my Ultra-lows have a smaller ID, but the Rizoma bar-ends come with a smaller adapter that fits.
All the renthals were too high for me so I bought a set of alloy bars from AU Streetfighter Superstore for $55AU (bout $40USD) and shipping was cheap ($20AU). They are anodized black and have a 2" rise and 2" sweep and are 720 or 740mm wide. They are still too high for me (stock is about 4" rise and 4"sweep) so I am going to either get Tommaselli ACE bars or vintage Norman Hyde M bars (no welds, but they sweep foreward about 2" then back about 5" with a 1" drop). I'll have my mind made up by the weekend.
Black Renthal Road bars. They are pretty much the stock bend.
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