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Drive chain

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I am having a hard time finding aftermarket drive chains. I thought somebody did a 520 conversion a while back, but can't find it in the searches I have done. Does the 1050 use the same sprockets as an '04 S3 955? Anybody know how many links are in the stock chain? Best place to buy?
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I just spent an hour or so at the local dealer, they've built a pretty nice Triple, mostly just bolt ons, but added some wheels and really nice stuff to it.  The Parts manager is a S3 freak (funny that they never have any parts in stock)  He planned to do the 520 conversion to the demo bike and had some 43T sprockets in stock.  My concern was the chain strength.  I was TOLD (i've gotten conflicting stories from these people in the past)  that most 520 chains these days are just as strong as the 530's, doesn't make sense to me but they're strong enough for speedy.  This guy said he didn't notice a difference,  but anytime you reduce rotating mass it'll make a difference.    I'm ready for a new chain and hope to do it this coming winter, i'll probably try the 520 conversion.

I know Limey did it... he'll pitch in with some type of sarcastic response... :fingure:
Just over 10 mins, what'd I tell ya!

Hey Limey, if you were to do it again would stay with the 43t or go 44?
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