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DTC code p1105 :(

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Hey guys ! I just put my 06 s3 back together, basically the bike was knocked over in my driveway and the alternator cover cracked so while I had that off I pulled off the triple clamp all the pegs and controls and put on the 1 1/8 os triumph bars and clamps and on as well as a few other things. After completeing all of this over the past month or so I finally got everything back together, Fired up the bike with fresh fuel and the CEL was on. I trailerd the bike to my dealer and they flashed it the tip switch was showing voltage that was cleared, there was also a low fuel surge code (i forget the code #) and last but not least the p1105 Low manifold pressure code was lit. Everything was cleared and then the bike was re started after the bike running for about 25 seconds the CEL came back on and the P1105 code was the only one found again. We cleared it and tried one more time and had the identical problem.

Does anyone know what causes this code nothing concerning the exhaust manifold was touched by me, The header was taken off last season by the dealer to clean the oil pan out when I had a starter gear break some teeth off just for extra precaution. Could the bolts have come loose or something ????? or maybe a bad exhaust manifold seal ??????? Any info would be great !!!!

Thanks !!!
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Thanks for the input, Un fortunetly the bike is at the dealer and they will be taking care of it, hopefully free of charge. Its a good chance a hose came undone as I did have the air box off a few times and may have forgotten to slide one of the vacuum hoses back on. Also I think I had a few drinks one night out in the garage and dropped the lid with the sensors in it. Maybe I F'ed up the sensor......... Ill check it out. Thanks !!!!
all set my dumb ass forgot a vacuum line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :squid:
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