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DUH! Best/simplest 22mm hex for front axle:

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After searching around work in vain for a 7/8 bolt and nut to weld together to remove my front axle, I stumbled upon the fact that the hex flats on most any common 13/16 spark plug socket are indeed 7/8" or 22mm - simply insert your 3/8" extension from the inside of the socket (ie backwards) and use the hex flats as your big-ass allen! Who knew?!?
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Before there were ratchets, there were plug wrench sockets that were used with wrenches. The ability to use a wrench is a carry-over from the days when dirt was new - as if you didn't know.

Next you are going to tell me that you never knew that the average set of wire and terminal crimpers has bolt cutters built right in - those 4 to 6 little threaded holes.

Bah, I'm not buying it. ;)

Ok, how many of you are running out to your tool boxes to check your crimpers? Come on, fess up!
Look at the hole around the center bolt - the back side is threaded, the front side cuts.
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