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Durrani Mag Wheel Group DEADLINE!

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Yo maties!

I just got off the phone with the great folks at Durrani and they've agreed to do us a real solid, but we have to commit by the end of next week.

So heres the deal: You may know that they're offering a special deal right now on their mag wheels. The retail will be $1298 but they're offering them for $1098 until April 16th (Monday). However, I convinced them to give me, and ONLY ME, an extra 5 days. These guys are making a real effort to see that everyone who buys their product gets treated fairly--the big guy doesn't get any better price than the little guy. You won't see these wheels cheaper at Mega Moto. And, come Monday, you'll never see them offer this cut unless they let me put together another group buy. But just for me/us they've agreed to extend the deadline till the 20th.

You'll NEVER have a chance to transform as many aspects of your S3's performance for anywhere near this price!! I'm not trying to make a bunch of money here. More than anything else, I'm trying to establish a relationship with a great company that's got some amazing things in the works. It won't cost you a penny more to buy them through me than going directly to them. And you won't get them for a penny less if you go directly to them, but it may cost us all some great deals in the future. It's $1098 + $78 for a drop ship right from them to you. BUT I HAVE TO GET A MINIMUM OF 10 ORDERS AND THE DEAL HAS TO BE SEALED BY NEXT FRIDAY!!!! There's no maximum, so as many of you as want can jump on this.

I sent my own personal wheels to them so they can get these made. I'd be buying them no matter what. But this deal IS going away.

I can take checks, money orders, Paypal (if I have too--it costs me 3%)-- Depending on the response, I'll even consider deposits if you can't scrape together all the cash at once. But it has to happen NOW!

Please contace me off list at [email protected] so I can compile the deal--Let's do this!!

Thanks a million :squid:
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Stickied till the 20th!

Someone buy a set for the Admin and Mods!
dang, I can whip up like $13.68 fer a deposit, will that work? ;D Great deal squid, kudos! :pow:
cheapbastard said:
dang, I can whip up like $13.68 fer a deposit, will that work?
Is that the cut your cousin gives you?
Why don't you sell your Zard? :)

oldsquid said:
Why don't you sell your Zard? :)

so what yer say'n is... you'll throw in a set of chain reactions fer me too?!? :shocker: :wtf:

I emailed asking about a deposit on a set of 955i wheels. The rear should be the same and Durrani said they have a 955i available. I just need to be sure it is the 5-bolt rotor wheel and not the previous T955i 6-bolt pattern.
OK guys, I just talked to Bob about this.
He said only he and I have committed to this group buy. The 675 guys have a ton of orders, but that is a different deal.

But if he can't get 8 more orders, no group price. And this is a VERY good price.

I will try to get a set whether or not this happens, but if there is no interest, there may be no wheel.

If you want a good looking light weight wheel, this is a great opportunity to reduce static and a lot or rotating weight. And it is only good until the end of the week.
That suks, you boyz better jump on the band wagon! I would buy 'em without a doubt if I had the dough. Remember, if you really like them(which I'm sure anyone would), you could prolly git some nice return money on yer stock rims. A set of stockers should easily sell fer $4-500.
I posted up a couple of questions on the original thread. I'm very interested, the price is right. The really critical question is what color? Black is always good at hiding brake pad dust but so conventional. How does that blue match the blue trim on a white speedy (tank decals, fork adjusters, shock spring)? Is white on white too white?
dr_gallup said:
Is white on white too white? 
I actually think it looks great! Briank's bike with the stockers painted white... ;D

although, ya may be on to sumt'n with the blue one's too. ;D
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Check you PMs.
I believe the stock parts need to be swapped over. I am going with lighter brake rotors and sprockets all at the same time, and will lube the parts before installing. My bike needs a lube job now.

I would think white on white would look great. I can't remember who, but one of the members here had the stock wheels coated in white, and they look great. A lot more aggressive than I would have thought.
I have the blue S3 and I'm going with white wheels. I may paint the scoot someday and I figure it will look cool with white whatever color I go with.

That is, assuming we close this deal.....hint, hint..........

Not gonna happen for me I guess since they're saying the wheels are for the older T955, not the 955i. I may just wait and get carbon wheels in another couple years.
I'm in! :wrench:

There must be some more Speedy riders with a big tax refund burning a hole in their pocket! Come on, jump on this deal or you'll be sorry.

dr_gallup said:
I'm in! :wrench:

There must be some more Speedy riders with a big tax refund burning a hole in their pocket! Come on, jump on this deal or you'll be sorry.
Doc - We'll just have to taunt them endlessly and without mercy if they miss it. :smitty:
can i see a pic? i might be interested
More details here:

Several colors and 10 pounds lighter per pair. ;)
Very interested, only issues would be payment and shipping to belgium. Alot can happen with a set of wheels on the way overseas.

What about strenght? I hop curbs, speedbumps, will it stand up to stoppies and endless wheelies with hard landings? Wouldnt wanna end up with fooked up wheels ya know.

Toss some more info at me, maybe i'll change my mind and find some money somewhere :-\
Mikey - many aftermarket wheels are at least as strong as the stock cast wheels, and some are stronger.

I am not sure about these wheels, but the way they are produced, makes a very strong part, and the design and material allows for a very light part. Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum.
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