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Do you think your specific tune (NON SAI) i.e the one you tweaked from Wayne Mac will be worth me trying?

If I clean up exhaust as per your instructions and I'm about to remove the SAI hardware. (I got TORS).

PS how did you judge how much metal to grind off the exhaust header pipes because you cannot see if the is a mismatch between port and header pipe? I presume you used a measure of some sort? or just educated guestimate?


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With the header work the dyno39 map will work fine. It will need a bit of tweeking on the dyno to get every last HP, but the bike will run great without it.

My map is a good bit richer than the dyno39 map due to other mods.

On the header flange - do a light clean up on the top of the ports (in the header), and remove 0.63-0.65 mm ( from the bottom and sides of the ports. I use a digital caliper to measure, but with experience you can do this by just "eyeballing" it. I actually like to remove 0.030 inch (0.76mm), but the header casting will not allow this much and still have a good sealing surface for the gasket.
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