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dyno sheet

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i have dyno time reserved at the only shop i will let touch my bike Sun Cycle in Manasquan nj. the plan is he will do the runs i will do the tuning. i stopped by today to do a base run so i can make up a few tunes before going back. kind of cut down on the actual tuning time at the shop. i went there with wayne mcdonalds 20088 tune loaded in my bike. the owner of sun cycle was pretty impressed with the tune. he said he has not seen many a/f lines as smooth and close to right on the $$ as this. he suggested maybe leaning it out just a hair and bringing it back. it was cool today and he said leaning it out will make it spot on for the warmer weather. anyway here is the sheet any suggestions on mapping modifications i can make would be great. i will go back within the next week or so and want to have a few tunes loaded in a folder. i am open to experimenting if it will benefit our tune base. knowledge is king!!

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Brian could you post up the mods you have done?
shark slip on, precat removed, ceramic coated exhaust, sai removed, header wrapped 20088 tune
Are you getting hesitation at 3-4k at all??

Looks like I'll have about the same set up (zard instead of shark) and am looking for tune info...

i am getting no hesitation anywhere. the bike pulls strong in all rpms in all gears. the only bike that i ever owned with a better powerband was my hayabusa. i've owned other bikes that made more power than speedy like my r1 but the busa was the only one with a smoother steadier acceleration. and not by much :afro:
Well, there's no fooling around here. Even the Chinese noob slammer guy knows you were a "3 cylinder queer" at one point.
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