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Ebay rear stands!

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Just in case you guys didn't see it on the other site:

Here we go, I don't think it's enough to throw off your oil level off substantially. I think the rise in the rear would throw it off more.

Also, there were two pins included. One for each side. Just to let you know.

BTW Either I'm a complete dumba$$ or those wheel stickers are REALLY hard to get on correctly. I'm not really happy. I might take them off, or order more and try again, only $10 after all.

[EDIT] Bikeman, it's just the weight. But my bike doesn't walk of the stand, even with the slight lean (I put it in first to check!!!) Also, its hard to see in the pics, but the bike is well clear of the stand.
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Wow, I was leary on this part until seeing this, looks good. Would be even better if added with a front stand....
man. i bought this same exact stand and it's actually sitting on the front porch right now thanks to fedex. the guy who sells these lives in dallas. i emailed him and asked if i could pay him cash but he still would rather me pay thru ebay & paypal and have to pay fees. what's up with that?? oh well, at least i will have a stand now. that rear tire change is comin' up soon. almost 4,000 miles and it's only 2 1/2 months old.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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