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ECU/harness replacement

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so my triple is 2000 and I'm looking for a replacement Wire harness, but all I can find are ones from earlier years. the only difference I can tell is the connection to the ECU. My ECU has 2 smaller connectors, and earlier ones have one large one. Are there any major electrical changes between the two that would cause me problem if I swapped out my ecu/harness with one of these? the VIN # for the switch is 089747(according to my manual).

ok, triumph deals in VIN's not years. so when people are selling stuff, why don't they post the VIN of the bike and not the year??? one schmuck on ebay said he'd only give me the VIN after I won his auction! woops, no sale buddy.
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got the answer. nope, can't doit.
Sorry we couldn't help.
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