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emergency advice in 24 hours!!!!

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ok so bad news,got cut off in construction on the highway and crashed. bike has a lot of damage from sliding on left side. any tricks to be aware of for getting the most out of my claim? its an '06 with some cosmetic upgrades (and cheaps old eagle exhaust!). will i get a check to take to my dealer and get the work done? or will they expect to pay the dealer directly (after my 500$ deducty) for work done? Obviously it'd be sweet to get some, er, upgrades... outta the mess but, nothing like this has happened to me before. :poop:
mebbe i'll post pics later!
left handed typing is an adventure to be sure.

BE SAFE GUYS! crazy's are out, especially in Chi-town...
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glad you are safe, hope all turns out ok with the rest of it...
tip from personal experience. get some good aspirin for all the head aces you are about to go through. also get some tissue for the nights were all you want to do is ride but you cant. glad to here you are alive though.
Glad your safe....... most imprtant part..

Next be ready for a total. they haveve been doing it up here to all my buddies... brand new 919 totaled for bent forks and some plastics..
Make sure you take lots of pictures. Also, what kind of relationship do you have with your dealer?

With my lowside, damage is pretty minor. Of course, since it was the other driver's fault, I want my bike returned to before-crash condition, so I want replacement cost for things like scratched footpegs and clutch case. (If it was my fault, I'd just buff and paint, but a repair would be noticable to a sharp eye).

Another thing - the other driver's insurance company will reimburse me for my damaged gear, but I had to mail my old stuff to them. Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants and shirt are on their way to the home office. If you're being covered by your insurance, any gear you were wearing should count toward the damage total and your deductible
Couple of real important details were left out. You say you were cut off causing the crash. Was there a police report, was the other driver charged? I'm thinking no since you are talking about your own deductible. Always better if the other guy is paying!

There is a good chance that the bike will be totaled if there is frame damage. I hit the ground at about 40 MPH one year ago yesterday when a truck suddenly swerved into my lane. He hit me but all the damage was from hitting the ground and my bike was totaled.

They will want to prorate the value of your bike. Emphasize the list price (or more if you paid dealer prep, delivery charges or any other dealer add on), the list price of any accessories, labor to install them, the rarity of the bike, etc. Look up the Kelly blue book value. Add on for your helmet, gloves, jacket, etc. In my case I got enough to go right out and buy another S3 and all the accessories & gear.

If you have injuries do not sign off any waiver until you are certain you have made a full recovery. You can settle for property damages long before you settle the medical. I had my new bike in less than 6 weeks but did not settle the medical for over 6 months.

Good luck!
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Good luck and good to see you're still with us. :drink:
FWIW - I went through the whole claim BS last fall. Disregard the KBB, insurance companies use NADA almost exclusively. If you aren't happy with what the adjuster offers you call your agent, they will often act as an intermediary in the whole process, remember they (the agent) wants you to be happy. Depending on your insurance they may not cover aftermarket parts without a separate rider. You will just about always be able to talk them into new gear, like dr gallup said they will want your old stuff. Good luck and keep us posted...
As mention above, don't sign away injuries. If you keep that hanging out they will likely pay what you expect. Use your leverage.

BTW, frame sliders? Please post pics.
After they total it......usually you can by it back for parts. I was told this by a few friends who totaled theire cars. Bikes the same way?
FWIW Am-Fam is 50% of book for buy back...
If they fix it, check the bike over THOROUGHLY. I found another $1500 worth in damage after they "finished" the repairs. I haven't had the frame checked yet. Mine should have been totaled, but they missed a bunch of stuff in the original quote.
IMO...I would do EVERYTHING I COULD to get that thing totaled. My ass would not be found on a wrecked bike. They are NEVER the same. I would always second guess things........ ???
I was actually glad they didn't total mine. I have all my $$$ tied up in my work right now and probably would have been without a bike for the summer otherwise. It won't be a problem to get another shortly though... ;D

It does make me sick to my stomach every time I think about taking it to the frame guy though. I can't wait to find out and get it over with. The dealer assumed that there is "no way the frame is bent". NEVER been checked. :finger:
Glad to hear you are OK squire.

Listen to these guys as they have recent experience [especialy Crashmasterd] :fingure:

If you think it's strange typing left handed, wait till you have to wipe your arse. :shocker:

Dont forget about under the tank. I was told for my 2001 if it went down on the left side, oil will and can get into alot places oil shouldn't be (stepper motor and the like) so have that checked too.
dang man, that suks. :'( Great advice from everyone here. Hope it works out fer the best, and keep us posted.
Thanks guys,
Exactly the kinda help I was looking for! No the accident was a no fault, single vehicle jobber... no tickets- it's being treated like I just laid the bike down for whatever reason. I'll probably list up all of my aftermarket parts and riding gear along with what I payed for the bike? Medical is covered under different insurance and is nearly taken care of... But I agree, I would be hard pressed to trust a bike thats been wrecked- praying for a total! I unfortunately did not have frame sliders but maybe that will work out to my advantage. I'm having the bike taken to my dealership (SS-Triumph in chicago heights) and the appraiser will go there...

Broken wrist
Bunch of bad scrapes
Banged up thigh

One scraped up speedy :wrench:
Yep, they'll total it and give you a check where if you owe anything on it you'll have to pay . Best advice I can tell you is to start hitting the showrooms in search for a new ride .
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