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I finally got around to using some software to model the 1050 engine as best as posible short of pulling the engine apart and measuring everything. I had to track down a lot of numbers as it was. I am using head flow numbers for stock and ported Daytona engines until I can flow the 1050 one on my bike this winter.
I am using old and new versions of Dynomation with Pro Tools to model the engine. I have used this sucessfully on many engines.

Obviously I can't get it perfect without more accurate info from the engine, but it is very close when using wave action modeling. I am amazed that the curves look just like the ones I am getting on the dyno. The curves before and after mods are very close to what I am getting.

The cam timing changes modeled are nearly identical, and show that the stock cams are definately better than using 2002 Speed Triple or Daytona cams. Custom cams are definately in the future.

I have been playing with simple and advanced engine mods - and learning a lot. The ability to model length and taper in the intake and exhaust systems has shown some things that I knew and some interesting new ideas. It has also proven that the "gurgling" around 4000 rpm is definately due to an exhaust pulse tuning resonance that can be improved with a custom velocity stack and fixed with a custom header.

A touch more compression, a bit of port clean up, and a few other mods and the engine really comes alive. I wonder how thick the stock liners are? Another 100cc increase (with a larger bore) looks interesting.

If anyone has some info on the stock and aftermarket headers for 955i Daytonas and Triples, please share. I need the tubing OD for primaries, collectors, and silencers - as well as needing lengths for primaries, collectors, and to the end of the silencers. I would also like some measurements of the velocity stacks and airboxes.

This is almost like work, but a lot more fun.
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