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Epiphany....I need flat bars.

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So I have these handlebars that that come up from the risers. I gives a feeling of being on a beach cruiser. I noticed the other day when I riding that if I lean WAAAAY forward when I shift my weight in the turn the bike is a lot more stable. Question: Anyone know of any good flat bars for a 99? Screw clips on, they scream squid to me.
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I'm with Premier on the clip ons. Rizoma makes a low bar for not too much (50-60 $)
Devious said:
Like you, I think a flat bar would be perfect.
After searching all over for the past year, I finally found a truly flat bar.
I just ordered a LSL drag bar in aluminum. There is no rise, and the rake is about the same as stock. They also make it in Stainless.
Nice! ;) I like those. the Street bars are nice at
I've recently found myself in a dilema.... I'm in the middle of a brake swap and found that the lines are a bit short. I can A) Order new lines (at $90) or B) Put a lower bar on (less than $90)

Easy decision. Here's my questions for ya'll. Does anyone know the stock bar's rise and pull back? From my quick eye-ball ruler enhanced look I got about 5 inches pull back ( to the very ends of the bars. the rise is hard to get due to the akward angle up, but at the MC perch it's about 2 1/2 inches. These arn't accurate by any means, I'm just trying to figure out if the Street bars will be low enough for what I need, or if I need the drag bars. Thanks to anyone for input.
Devious said:
The stock bar rise is about 1.5 inches. IIRC, the rake is 4.5 inches. I have been looking for something lower or even flat for over a year. Many companies offer bars that are nearly the same as the stock bend.

I cut a 1/4 inch from the bottom of my risers. And I hope the flat bar helps with the front end weight.

Bob at Chain Reaction is doing a deal to get 15% off anything from Speigler/LSL. So the bar price is even cheaper. :).
I'm leaning to the Street bars, accordingto Speigler, they'd be a bit taller than the stock, but would have an inchless pull back giving me another inch on my lines. I may try having the risers cut also. I think the street bar will be lower than the stock though, 1.5 inches may be from the riser tot he initial bend, but they have an awkward upward bend that increases the rise at the MC perch. Does that make sense to anyone else?
I just ordered the HAG 7 lowrise bars from Wildhairaccessories. Talked to Ilsan, real nice and helpful guy, even got to brush up on my german with him. He mentioned that the drag bars probably wouldn't work well on the triple because of the 4" pull back. The LSL's are a bit more at 4 3/8" pull back. The Hag 7's are pretty low at 1" rise with 1 1/2" pullback. With barends and shipping it was $115. Of course I'll be posting pics when it's done.
I had some of the same problems with a Hagen Low bar. I felt a difference in the clutch when I put them on. The lack of rise limits how far you can move the controls in. I've got a GSG low bar on the way, it's got about an inch more rise adn 1 1/2" more pull back. I'll let you know on it.
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