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error code question

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i removed secondary air injection now i get an error code that reads
"p0413 secondary air injection open circuit fault"
i clear it with the tuneboy diagnostics but it comes right back. i thought i could just unplug it and have no problems?
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briank.....I do not have tuneboy myself, but have been following topics very closely and learning about it via their website and other sources.

Someone will correct me if I misspeak, but I believe you will have to download one of the tunes that are set up for : no precat and no SAI, with standard exhaust (also available w/TORS and aftermarket exhaust).

Should be on this page:
Regardless of what bike you have, you'll need a non-SAI map/tune to disconnect the SAI without issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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