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Exhaust shootout questions

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We are about to do some serious testing and tuning.

This will involve testing the Zard silencer, the Trident half system, the Chain Reaction Dual and low mount single, stock header, modified header, and custom CR header. this will involve a bunch of tuning as well.

As a bunch of speed freaks, would you want to see a comparison to the stock silencers, or do you even care about it?

I prefer not to waist time testing stock, but if you really want to see it...
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it might serve as a good ref. point but dont do something you feel is a waist of time...any predictions?...i'm super excited for the full CRM system :popcorn:
In all scientific research it's important to have a control, that is, a base line. As you well know. To get the best and most useful data the baseline will be necessary.

I would like to see the percentage of increase over stock that my configuration has, without having to put a lot of dyno time and money into it of course.

That being said, you go ahead and do whatever you fell like doing. It's your money and time, and we have no right to ask any more from you.

Crash - Just what is your current configuration?
Crashed, of course. ;D

I'm running a modified stock header, with cleaned up ports and removal of the pre-cat. My silencers are original Chainreactions. The whole system is ceramic coated inside and out. Right now I'm running the 10088 tune (non-SAI) but when I get a minute I'll try some of the other available tunes. Oh yeah, I'm using Kuhlka's SAI block off plates.

The thing runs like a raped ape right now. Definitely pulls harder just about everywhere than stock. I had it at the track once so far, and found that it was slightly quicker in the 1/4, and quite a bit faster at the line. Then I found that stupid kinked breather tube! Haven't had it on the track since I fixed that.

YES...Post up please... :wave:
I do like the idea of having a baseline. I'm also interested in the weight differences as well as your collective input on how they "feel" (high mount vs. low mount) while on the road.
baselines/controls are always good to have. Stock should be in. IMHO ;D
DVS are you planning on just running a test with the stock header, or doing tuning for it as well.

Myself I would be mildly interested in just a quick test as a baseline, but no real interest in tuning since I've modified mine. Just my $.02
I'm interested in the baseline and I think the majority of these bikes get very few mods done to them. It's just that we modders are noisier on the forums.

While we are at it, has anyone weighed a stock bike with fuel.coolant and oil?

Meet in the middle on this one. Just a dyno run, bone stock, stock tune. Just for a baseline. I wouldn't think that would use much time or money. A baseline run on the same dyno we are gonna run everything else on would be a good idea. I wouldn't do it if it cuts us close on time though.
Right now, we are planning a baseline run with stock exhaust and tune - no tuning.

Each silencer and header combination will be tuned.

AA - the 1050 S3 weighs 460-470 pounds wet (depending on the amount of fuel in the tank).
I hope everyone knows the #'s may seem a little inflated since alot of them will be coming from a yeller bike. ;D
Would it be possible to add the TORS systems in? I have a TORS and if the results show a big difference in some of the other after market systems I'd be interested in changing up.

Also I guess this will only be done with the 1050? Or are there any 955s that will be tested?

I know this is a lot to ask.....just hoping.....I know that my bike is fast becoming a relic!!!! :finger:
Limebone - We do not have TORS to test, both CB and I have sold or given away our TORS. And a 955i will not be tested at this time. Perhaps later.

Right now the issue is scheduling. Getting CB here, and getting several consecutive days of dyno time is proving to be an issue. I HAD tenetively scheduled this Friday and Saturday, but CB cannot make it - something about a court appearance out of town. ;)

So we are looking at alternative dates.

I may test the header on my bike this week so I can get an idea of what to expect on CB's bike and start working on a few base tunes to start with.
Don't piss me off CB!!! What do I care if you have arrest warrants issued in half the country?!

I just want the header tested! My scoot is sitting up on jack stands cuz the wheels are still with Durrani, and I'm waiting for the results to see if I can go ahead with the final prototype. Then I have to get it out to bid before I can put it on my bike.

Mean time, the weather has finally turned warm, I got the speakers installed in my Shark lid, the new LSL rearsets installed, but all I can do is sit on my bike in the garage and play the soundbite in my helmet!!!!

Crap! You probably rode Old Yeller to court! (I'm pausing here so you all can wipe your eyes)

I hope ya'll are saving your pennies for your header. At least that will make the ride depravation sort of worth it.

Guv asked about the "feel"--I don't know about the Tridents or the Zard, but my dual is 10.5 lbs lighter than stock and the single is about 15 lbs lighter. I could feel the difference before I got out of the driveway the first time I rode with the dual system, and the single is endearing itself to me for the same reason. I still think the dual looks the best, but at 5 lbs ligter and lower still, I swear I can feel it. That's one of the reasons I'm so anxious to see Dev's dyno results. I think it performs a little better too. (Incidentally: Anyone who has my dual and would like to also have the single, for $75 I'll send you the stubby mid-pipe and a new clamp with a spring clip welded on and a spring) By the way, the header will be about 3.5 lbs lighter than stock, so with a full, low system you could lose somewhere around 19 lbs. Factor in the added hp and the all important power-to-weight number should get a substantial boost.

And as for the total weight, I could have sworn that when I weighed my bike on the scale at the dump it was 460 lbs. Did I remember that wrong Devious? Was it 560?
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Your weight is correct. I posted the wrong numbers. :embarassed: My brain is still fried from doing the work on the FAQ and SuperThread.

Depending on the gas amount, the wet weight is 460-470 pounds (210-214 kg). Pump gas weighs around 6 lb per US gallon.
sorry :squid: Hopefully all will work out for the following weekend. Maybe I can make it up to ya by buy'n a header. :popcorn:

Hopefully nothin' CB! You'll buy one...even if I have to garnish your wages.

I don't need to see the stock baseline numbers. I think Devious2xs did a stock run before he went with the TORS, 112 hp but not sure about the tq, and that is good enough for me. I would like to see numbers from the Triumph/Arrow short pipe with precat removed and Triumph tune or TuneBoy map.
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