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fantastic ride Sat!

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Ok Cheap I rode with a guy who just got back from the Dragon....He has both patches but did not do the eleven miles in eleven minutes...Pussy! But he strongly recomended the trip. He told me all about the tree of shame! and all the road rash pics! I Wanna go so bad....He told me that the way I rode I would either have a blast or kill myself or maim! Fantastic ride this weekend with fantastic corners and curves as well as a little police chase action that resulted in him giving up! We had nine bikes, four of them sprint, scrambler,legend,and of coarse my speedy...What a ride. Cannot wait to get to NC...Dragon here I come.....sean
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Sean, be sure and let me know when you are planning on coming. I'd love to meet up. Heck, if you'll admit yeller is faster, I may even buy ya a round. ;) :beer: :drink:

I may even buy ya a round.

key word there....MAY...that means.....fat chance you see a free beer.... :beer:
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