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Favorite Modification?

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What is your favorite mod or customization item(s) you have done to your Triple? Why is it your favorite?

I've done quite a bit of customization, but two stand out - the Corbin seat makes long rides so much more pleasant, and the custom color sets an already rare bike apart from the rest.

Performance wise, TOR's and Tuneboy were a great bang for the buck.
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I guess mine would be exhaust, but that is the only mod I've done! ;D
My exhaust. Sweeeet! ;D
I'm gonna cheat. My favorite modification is change in seating position which consists of lower bars, rear sets, and a Corbin seat with the lip moved back a couple of inches. I bought the bike as a dual purpose street/track ride and seem to keep modifying it more for the track. Next are some Tommaselli clip ons which may prove to be too much for the old back.
Relocating the liscence plate - cost me $3 and cleaned the back end up really well. 44 tooth rear sprocket...... What a kick in the pants! ;D
Hmmmm not enough yet but Ohlins front and rear, Brembo brakes, 28mm off-set triple clamp, Daytona motor with 17/45 gearing, TuneBoy, air filter, carbon tank and panels, 1050 front and rear wheels and swingarm, rear sets rased, my own 2'' rear can.

Now I need to start again on the 1050 but I need time.........
All of them but one of he tbetter ones is the CRG mirrors-the stock mirrors were totally useless!
The Sargent seat is primo also and -----this goes on and on= Engine,exhaust the mods
A very small mod but getting rid of that front plastic brake reservioir and replacing with a rizoma black one.

A smattering of Shift-tech carbon fiber (the rear hugger is great for keeping crud off the shock) and Skyking fender eliminator kit and frame sliders. My favorite mod is yet to come...Devious custom cold air intake and snorkel rerouting, custom velocity stacks, SAI removal, BMC air filter, full exhaust and tune-boy.
Plain and simple, Corbin Seat. You just can't beat having your arse go from "Ouch!" to "Ohhh yeahhhh...."
first mod..... bar end mirrors..... simple one to do... she looks meaner.. and works better... what more can ya ask for ?
Have done a number that I felt were essential (plus they were fun to do). My favorite has been the addition of clipons. Some may disagree with the addition of clipons on an S3 but I swear the ride is MUCH more comfortable in this lower position. I was no fan of having my head so high in the wind and the clipons have eliminated nearly all of that uncomfortable drag. The handling is better too IMO.

I just bought some Raask bars to try out (read: play with). Will let you all know how those work out. They should offer a compromise in height between the standard bars and the clipons.
When discussing mods, the most important are the ones that address the bike's shortcomings.
In the case of the S3 1050 these have to be the mirrors, the front brakes and fuelling (cold starting).
The first can be solved by barend mirrors, Motrax, CRG, or normal Benelli.
The second issue I solved by going to a 5/8 master and dual lines.
The third by loading Waynes map, prodding the start button on a cold engine with throttle cracked open. Second start is instant.

Other mods to suit one's taste and desires.   
the only mod i've made so far is tail tidy that i made myself, looks sweet, gonna get devil carbon pipes as well.
Kuhlka: What finish did you get on your Corbin? The wedding tackle can't take much more of the stock seat and I'm really liking the looks of the carbon fiber leather.
I had the leather 'Carbon Effect' leather on my Kawasaki Corbin. In spite of taking care of seat top layer started peeling away in a couple of places and looked real bad.
Suggest you look at plain leather or vinyl.
My carbon fiber effect Corbin has been holding up exceptionally well considering all the rain I've put it through. I'm thinking using the leather conditioning cream and mink oil helped waterproof it.
You've either been lucky or I've been unlucky............
modifying my engine to make over a 150 hp ;D ;D ;D
I installed a 2inch wide racing stripe over the top of my bike, like the one on the 2007 Thruxton. I gained 2hp for sure..... ;D
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