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kuhlka said:
Looks good, but it'd look better with a shorty motogp-style exhaust like the Zard. Let us know if you get any water on your back and up your helmet next time it rains.
yeah Kuhlka, that's the same thing I thought about removing the stock rear. But I after I got caught in a rain storm on mine with the stock rear, I see no reason not to change it! 1st thing to get soaked was my ass where the tire was flipp'n water right at my back! :-\ So as soon as I have time, I'm gonna make my own, because the stocker really doesn't do any good anyways.

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like they say, If you don't like the weather in florida wait 5 mins. Like you say though, when it rains it rains, so if I was caught out in it the last thing on my mind would be a little water on my back

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