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Finally got her back yesterday...

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Well, I finally got her back after about 9 months of not having my bike. For those of you who don't know, I had wrecked Gladys on the 19th of July last year. I had to wait about 5 months to get the deductible money together and put her in the shop. It took the shop another 4 months to get her put back together again. The first time I got it back, the radiator and the subframe were still tweaked, along with a scratch in the panel under the seat and an oil leak. Took it back in for another 3 weeks, and finally got it back yesterday. I now noticed that the fork tubes are still a little twisted in the trees, but that is not an issue I cannot solve. I would take it back, but I am gonna just take it to a frame guy since they couldn't get it right at triumph. Also for a little piece of mind. New stuff: 675 radial master cylinder with dual goodrich lines and teflon pistons (awesome setup!); gold renthal streetfighter bars; CRG hindsight LS mirrors; new sliders; black radiator end caps; and a ZARD. Oh, and I posted a new top speed of 150 mph today. It feels good to be back guys...
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Congrats.....Did you sell the pipes? STILL WAITING for mine!!! BF SUX!!!!!!
I still got the pipes, and if somebody wants 'em $400. I may just keep them, so I can change them back and forth. Or maybe donate them to Devi so he could turbocharge them or something.
Great to hear you are back on the road. ;D
dang stuck, I bet you forgot how to ride! That's a steal on the blue flames, someone oughta snatch those up. And what good is this thread without pics!?! :picsstfu:

Is Engle Motors in KC the place who was supposed to fix it? If so, maybe I need to find a different shop if I need anything done to mine. ???
Yes cheap, I am a little rusty. Scared the hell outta myself. And yeah Engle Motors is where it was done, and I am a little disappointed. I wish there was another dealer around here, but the next closest one is about 4 hours away.
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