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It's been something over 6 months since my last real ride. That one was marked by excruciating knee pain just like every ride for the past ~decade. Since then I've had both knees replaced. I did get one quick 20 minute ride in Dec or Jan just to check out the first knee replacement and it went well but still had that other old knee.

So today, almost exactly 3 months since the second knee replacement, I rode over 160 miles of twisty mountain 2 lanes without a trace of knee pain!!! Some other body parts are a little stiff and sore but my knees are great.

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Rode up to my usual Blue Ridge Parkway overlook. There were 3 bikes there when I arrived and about 7 more showed up soon after. Turned out they were a group of friends who had lost a buddy to a heart attack in March and were meeting to spread his ashes.

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They were waiting for some additional family members coming in a cage so I shoved off and took the long way home. I'm planning on having my ashes shot out of the canon on the front of my island but I might ask my riding buddies to sprinkle some up on the BRP too.... In a few decades.

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