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Well i finally got speedy home where she belongs. Thought it would happen Monday but the place i had her stored was closed. It's mainly a chopper place, ( hickeys blackmetal choppers in Saginaw Mich. ) but they sell Victory also. When i got there they had her out and uncovered, washed, dryed and waiting. Good people. Stuck my battery in, been on a trickle charger in my basement all winter. Fired right up. Well, seein as how i'am laid off from work, momma works tomorrow, and grandma was coming down, i figured to get some ridin in. WRONG. Bubba's got freakin Chicken pox. Granny cant be around him cause she has had shingles. I cant win. I feel like badluck schleprock from the Flintstones, ( oh wowsy-wowsy-woo-woo) or that guy from gullivers travels ( We'll never make it, were all gonna die). Oh well, i needed brushin up on grilled cheese sandwiches and Thomas the tank engine anyway. next week for sure. It's not that bad, just kidding. ???
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I was like "who the fuck is Bubba", but I'm guessing he's the fruit of your loins.

Hey, there's worse things than watching your kids grow up. You could be watching someone else raise your kid.
sounds like a country song :beer:
Grandma's shingles is no excuse not to look after the brat with the pox! She is not going to get it back, it doesn't work like that. Infact she probably gave it to the brat! Shingles is a reactivation of the Varicella Zoster virus and is not something you catch.
Someone is trying to stop you getting out on the bike. Ditch the kid and go for a ride.
.....and yes I am a doctor.
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