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Managed to pull a halfassed stoppy at an intersection with traffic lights. I land it, look around with a smug grin on my mug and :shocker: theres a frigin police van on the other crossing lane.

;D "Well hello there nice police officer man!"

:police: "Papers please"

Got off with a little warning and bit of a speech and a "Nice bike btw".

Waved the guy goodbye and rode off, nearly shat my pants. Only have the bike for 2 weeks, put on 1100km and got pulled over for practicing stoppies allready ;D

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ya see...if it woulda been better...he may have just gave ya the thumbs up :drink:

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Devious2xs said:
Option 1 - Don't pull stoppies.

Option 2 - Don't get caught.

Both wont apply, wouldnt wanna run and get cought anyway. Bigger loss!

limey said:

BigRedandRiding said:
Why have I become paranoid about the polce ever since I picked up my new S3?

Must be my lack of will power and threads like this!!!
Honestly, i'm sorry!

NOT :devil:

Lack of willpower, where have i heard that before?

dr_gallup said:
It's against the law to blow through red light. How can they give you a ticket for stopping in the nick of time? It was probably that shit eating grin that got you in trouble. ;D ;D
Need a bigger helmet to fit my new grin ;D fella saw right trough my mirrored visor!

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Devious2xs said:
Option 2 is not about running. It is about doing it out of sight of cops.

Surely you know an empty lot or back road to practice on. ;)
To be honest there arent as many as i figured at first. Monday afternoon has a lot of trucks delivering to factories in industrial zones wich are inhabited in weekends.

I know...i know... :angel:
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