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Fitch fuel catalyst...

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How do you feel about them? I have read reviews of them (some even with dyno charts), that like them. Devi? Any experience with these? I have some, and when my tank was replaced after my wreck, the dealer gave them back to me and said not to put them back in, mostly for fear of them interfering with the float or pump. I seemed to notice that my bike did run a LITTLE better with them in. It seems to take a little longer to start now, and stumbles if you whack it open from closed, BAD. :-\
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Is this like a power NEO? A magnet of some sort that breaks up the gas molecules? I've seen em on the Ricer cars. They're supposed to improve fuel combustion/consumption.
Hmm.. Sounds like BS to me ??? I mean come on.. rocks?

I've heard of healing new age rocks and "shakti stones" that are supposed to enhance audio quality AND even engine performance btw ;D How well you think they work? ::)
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