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FNG here...

Fountain Valley, California. Just bought my first Triumph yesterday, black 2009 S3 with 13,800 miles on her. Former motorcycle mechanic, been riding since the mid 80s. Owned mostly Japanese bikes.

Bike is in excellent condition, but needs a few things. Fuel indicator light won't turn off. Missing rear fender. And, I know it's probably blasphemy around here, but I plan on switching to a single headlight. The Motodemic kit looks nice, but is a bit expensive. Also plan on changing the bars. Not as comfortable as I would like. Need more pullback and maybe a tad more narrow. Thought about clip-ons, but haven't found any that would be tall enough. Probably going to modify the seat. Not a fan of having my crotch shoved into the tank.

Not sure if the starter clutch has been replaced. Anyone know when Triumph updated those? Rather not have to pull that apart. I know the regulators are weak on these, so I'll likely be replacing that and the stator with a better one from Rick's Electrics. Have one of his on my '98 VFR.... which will be for sale soon.

Can't think of anything else...
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