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fork compatabilty

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Does anyone know if the forks from a 2000 sprint st will fit on the S3? the lowers are different, but would the internals slide in? mine are slightly bent, so maybe I could just swap the sliders?
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I'd ask someone with a 2000 Sprint to scan the pages from the shop manual to be sure. If you can wait a few more weeks, I could probably sell you my stock S3 front end.
Anyone done a USD fork conversion? What forks did you source and how much work is involved to swap? Is it something you can do in a weekend?

Please advise....
Hi what size are your forklegs?Right now I'm using a set of R6 fork legs and they are the same diameter and length as my 2001 sprint Rs 43mm.
Even the offset and width is the same on the triple clamps.
I'm using the lower triple from the Yama R6 and the upper from my Rs that way I could keep my ignition lock.
My stock forks and lower triple are available to buy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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