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Free dyno do or don't?

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There's a new Bike Night in town, this one sponsored by our local Yamahopper shop. Attracts a strange mix of RUBS and squids and some real riders. They're trying to drum up business and will be doing a once-a-month thing where they bring in a band, as well as a dyno truck for free runs.

Well, tonight there's no band, but the dyno should be there. I'll have Speedy and it might be fun to see for free what it makes with TORS and tune. But, do I dare let folks I don't know strap her down and flog her?
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I'd just watch 'em blow up a couple of squids bikes. :horse: :popcorn:
Yeah, I thought about that - might just watch to see if there are any fireworks and if not, I'll show up early next time it's there.

But y'know, it's tough to pass up anything that Cheap (unless it's on a yellow bike).
Whats the location? Name of the place City, State, Etc. :beer:
Up here in Tallahassee. Actually, the Yam dealership is owned by some guy who has five or six of 'em. The dyno truck is sorta split between the dealerships for tuning and such, and they're bringing it out just for kicks.

Hey, if you hurry, you might be able to make it here in four hours or so. The truck should still be here ;D
Generally speaking, the dyno is safe. It is easy to strap a bike down and make a single pull or three - especially if they don't take the time to do rpm and AFR - just a run through the gears.

Don't be surprised if the Jap liter bikes blow you away on power.
i would do it. :smitty:
cheapbastard said:
heck yeah, I'd be all over that! :wtf:
Note to self never wear a shirt that says "FREE" around CB...... :fingure:
Dfib said:
cheapbastard said:
heck yeah, I'd be all over that! :wtf:
Note to self never wear a shirt that says "FREE" around CB...... :fingure:
damn skippy! :horse:
A local dealer near Orange, Va is having an open house on the 31st. I'll have speedy compeating in the dyno war
Oh, man, what a mistake! No, I didn't put Veronica on the rack. In fact, I was sitting there. Things were fairly slow early on, and they'd just put the second bike on. I'd just made up my mind to go ahead and pull around when up rides a pack of four :squid: s. Then another. And another. Soon the place was crawlin' with 'em.

Apparently, "Free Dyno" translates into "SQUID BAIT." It was matched sets of Icon helmets and jackets as far as the eye could see (with some Joe Rocket Corona gear tossed in for variety).

The dyno trailer had a side window that opened up, and the boys all crowded around. The Redhead noted that it looked like kids runnin' up to an ice cream truck. There was also this kinda weird dick-measurin', circle jerk vibe, not that there's anything wrong with measurin' your dick, mind you.

But I decided to pass. The line went from 2 to 20 in about five minutes, and I figure at 10 to 15 minutes per bike, I wasn't gonna wait for hours even if it was free. They'll have it out in a few weeks and I'll get there early to get a run in.

Best sight? Some chick in a tank top and tight jeans, with the Ass of Doom (the Redhead's term, not mine), on a white Ninja. I don't know who was starin' at it more, me or the redhead.

Best sound? Yamaha Warrior. After the sewing machine noise of a string of 600 fours, that thing was like Thor's hammer. Then I saw the guy's dyno sheet - 67 horsepower. Yikes! But, 99 ft. lbs. of torque. Okay, so I guess it's a cruiser.
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