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KarmaPunk said:
Can someone PLEASE post steps on how to remove a brake pad correctly and apply some copper grease to the back of the pads?
You have the right idea. A LITTLE BIT (you don't want any of the stuff dripping on the pads or discs) of copper paste on the back of the pads should do the trick. Removing pads is pretty straightforward once you have the caliper in your hand and you should be able to figure things out just by looking at the grippers.

Just don't undo the main bolts that are holding the caliper halves together and you should be able to learn as you go - do one first and you will still have the other one as reference as to how things should go back. Also do not go squeezing the brake lever when there is nothing between the caliper pistons/pads. It will be a bitch to separate them if you close the pads together. Even more messy if you pop out the pistons while there are no pads in.
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