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Fudd's on 4/5

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Spoke with Rich Devot, the sales manager at Palm Beach Triumph. He wants to put together a group of Triumphs to go down to Fudd's in Kendall this coming Thursday. He would prefer to make it a 'Speed Triple' crowd, but all are welcome.

Anyone interested can call Rich at 1-800-992-1511 during normal business hours.

As it stands now, he'll leave PB Triumph at 6:00PM on Thursday, come down to Ruby Tuesday's in Ft. Lauderdale (I-595 & Hiatus) by 7:00 to pick up the Broward people, at get down to Fudd's by 8:00. :drink:

Its the biggest bike night in SoFla, with typically 800 bikes coming by. At any one time, there'll be as many as 500 bikes in the lot.

Normally, the H-D crowd comes in early, and 'hogs' the area around the restaurant. :twofinger:They start pulling out around 8:00, as the sportbikes start pulling in. By 10, its 90% sportbikes.

Last time I was there, a pretty good crowd of streetfighters showed up, mostly stripped-down Yamahas and Hondas. Its an interesting show if you've never been.

The Restaurant is at the intersection of US 1 and SW 104 St. in Kendall.
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damn bill, you guys have alot of group rides over there on the East coast....wish we had them over here on the gulf side :smiley-asskiss:
Where are you, Doc? If you're in Collier or Lee counties, Fudd's is not an impossible ride.

If you're in the Tampa area, try It's a pretty active forum for rides and they're not all :squid: s
right north of lee....Punta Gorda...i'll hafta check out that link...thanks!!! though i will hafta make a trip over there sometime this summer
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:afro: You can count me in I'll be there early , lets see if you can get some riders to come out I try every week!! :horse: hey I called the 1-800 number For west Palm and its disconnected? It would be nice to see some speedy and other triumphs in General at Fudd's / bikenight. Sorry about sunday but it was short notice for me as well! after the gas station meet every one went to the Park (Holiday Park) and about ten duc's road out no triumphs!! so I didn't go but Some tigers and Rockets show up after. A few Heine's later :drink:they went for a ride!!! one speedy did a drive by but took off.
:afro: No Rain and At least three Triples and 3 other triumphs showed up!!!  :drink: Rich James Bitch!! :smitty:
Rich Devot called me at 5:00 on Thursday - most of his people bailed because it was raining cats and dogs in southern Palm Beach county. Ride-in is reset for 4-12, 7:30-8:00PM to whenever. ;D
:afro: OK I want to see every one there......Please........PrettyPlease!!!!!!!!! Limey you coming!!!!
dirt??? [email protected]@##$%^&*() well at least bill will go!!!! :violent1:
Come on Bich. You don't even show up to yer own threads. :twofinger:
:afro: WOW one time!!!!!!! :finger: I'll be waiting for you on thursday and if not Setup for the weekend :gayaway: !!!!!
I'll be there this Thursday, 4/12. Already primed the boss, so she won't freak on me ;D ;D.
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