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EVERYBODY has one. I was in Squid Hell last night (will have to explain that one elsewhere). The most common bike was a GSXR, then came the R Yamahas and 6-whatever Ninjas, with CBRs a large minority. I'd say there were probably 2 gixxers for every one of the other makes' representatives. Maybe they really are that damn good. Or maybe they really are that damn trendy. I mean, if I was 20 years old and could talk daddy into buyin' me a bike, I'm pretty sure I'd want a gixxer or a Ninja. But I'm older than most rocks and most definitely not trendy. The more I see of bike culture lately, the more sense "Go your own way" makes.

But then again, if you really wanna get out and drag a knee, you couldn't do much better.

Great Point Don't do it :shocker: keep it, all of my friends have jap bikes they all what to ride mine fast fun looks great !!! I think a second bike would be a good Idea but that takes more money!!! I can also understand how service would be a problem, it would make me sell! :shocker:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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