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Garmin Zumo 550

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I've had it on the bike and in the car for a couple months now and its been pretty good to me so far. It stopped working once because I let the battery run dead overnight, but it has otherwise been a great unit. Very waterproof (I've ridden through pissing down rain with it), has a good MP3 player and bluetooth support, and has the ability to plug in an XM reciever for traffic and radio.

I just ordered a helmet headset from California Sport Touring, INC. and it should be here in a few days to test out. I also won a Shoei X-eleven on ebay for $147 so I'll be installing it in that when my friend gets around to shipping me the helmet...
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kjazz said:
I'm looking at getting a GPS unit. Would like Bluetooth (to work with my Scala), and like the features of the 550. My only hesitation is the annoying tendency for a manufacturer to release a completely new and improved beyond my wildest imaginations model immediately after I buy the current model.

If anybody knows anything about a better than Zumo 550 model upcoming, please drop a hint here.
The 550 has worked for me very well for a year or so. I use it in car and on bike both. Customer support has also been very good, I had one unit die on me and had a new one in my hand within 2 days. The 550 just received the v3.80 software update and new GPS+Bluetooth firmware, so it is not yet forgotten by factory.

But it is true that the design is over a year old, so some update might appear soon. I think the Nuvi range has updated once already, so the same updates might appear on the Zumo range soon.
kjazz said:
Martin, what updates "might appear soon"? Anything in particular that you're aware of that will boost its capabilities?
-Slimmer design + higher res screen. OK I guess, but the current seems plenty enough. I don't want to ride with an etch-a-scetch on my handlebars.
-Speech recoqnition. Useless for me.
-"Instant on" improved Sirf chip. Nice to have, but the current chip finds reception within seconds anyway and works even indoors on a cloudy day, so don't see this that necessary.
-Some improved download MP3s & traffic info over FM/XM. Useless for me.

As far as routing and speed of processing goes, the current unit seems to be very good already. +the accessories on 550 pack cover pretty much all needs, all you need in addition is an ear piece if you want spoken directions on bike. Carmount already has speaker for car use.

Search for Garmin Nuvi 8xx and 880 and you will find lots of info on next-gen Garmin units. This is also a good place for Zumo info:
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