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Gettin ready for an original triple

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just bought a 71 Trident needs restored. going to pick-up this weekend . pics when she arrives . god I love these triples
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Lucky bastige!

I definitely want to see that.
Nice!!! :picsstfu: Post em' when you get it.
Devious2xs said:
Lucky bastige!

I definitely want to see that.
ME 2
Any photos yet?
Let me know what parts you need. I restore old twins, but have a buddy that has tons of parts. He has about 20 restored triumphs, and if your ever in CT I'll take any of you all to see them. Don has an original huricane that is perfect. I have a pair of old BSA 650's that I tool around on. I need to buy a digital camera to share.
sorry fellas but the deal has fallen through :mad:
Too bad.

I would love to own one as well. I hope you find another one.
I am not too worried about it , I have a line on another one from a buddy who is going through a divorce ,if she gets it ,its mine and it comes with extras .
I bought a 74 on ebay a few years ago, fairly good transaction. Ended up having it apart more than it was together but that's mostly my fault. Can't leave well enough alone. There's an excellent forum, Lots of tech support.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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