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getting rid of that tupperware

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Hey guys, I'm wondering what I can do to get rid of that reservoir made of Tupperware. I know that there is a company that machines aluminum replacements but I would like a sleek look not that obtrusive bowl mounted up in the way. If you did a mod lets see some pics.
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Kuhlka has a couple links to some aftermarket reservoirs, but nothing totally hidden/different as I imagine you are thinking of. It would be nice to seem some cool mods, shouldn't be hard for someone good with sheet metal (thats not me).....
You know what I was really thinking of was a new brake perch with the incorporated reservoir. It would look cool but which brand and from what donor bike? And would the light switch hook up ok? I'm sure someone has done it.
A nissin 5/8 with integral tank might kill two stones with one bird. Get rid of the tank and mushy brakes in one fell swoop. Dunno 'bout the brake iught and the brake hose might need changing re length.
That is really nice. I'll bet it costs about $185.00 US. Huh? It would be nice to get a combo like that from a donor bike that is easily attainable.
Hayabusas have the built-in reservoir like that. Not quite as nicely machined as that piece, but there are plenty of squid-wrecked busas and accompanying parts on ebay.
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