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How many times have you been down?

  • what kinda "going down" you talk'n about willis?

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  • 1 time

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  • 3 times

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  • never!

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"Going down"

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Alright, how many of ya have been down? I've unfortanately been there 3 times myself. :-\ 1st time, total inexperience, locked up the rear tire in a curve and off the road I went on my 1st bike the F2. 2nd time, pulling outta the parking lot at work on my 99 R1, and cold tires vs cold pavement did not fair very well with the monstrous torque of my R1. :'( 3rd time, and hopefully my last :violent1: riding a wheelie on my buddies F4 at around 90 mph, when a gust of wind caught the bike, blow'n the bike over to the side, cause'n me to slam the throttle and my asshole shut, causing a huge tank slapper, and $3500 worth of damage. :'( There's my stories, how 'bout yers? ;D
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I checked the "what kind of going down?" option....because I have had some pretty hard tumbles in dirt, but have been lucky (so far) to avoid it on the road. My dad has always said (I'm sure you've all heard it) "There are 2 kinds of riders, those who have been down....and those who will."
On the street only once. At Summit Point Motorsports Park back in my roadracing days I fell in 7 of the 10 turns and went to the hospital twice...once in an ambulance and once in a helicopter.
I've had plenty spills, mostly from my motocross racing days in the UK.

With the Triumphs, lost the front a few times and a big highside on the track!!!! I was forced to dump the bike once because I didn't want to hit the guy who had just dropped his bike.....
If you don't push yourself and your bike how can you find the limits!!! :horse: :horse: :horse: :horse:
Not this year... so far.
December the 17th 2006 was the last one...... Eastern Creek turn two!!!! Dickhead on a Kwaki didn’t like the idea of a Triumph whipping is ass :horse: :horse:

I had no choice!!!! Dump the bike of hit him hard...... The bike was an easy option for me, very little damage and a very apologetic Kwaki owner.........
Why do inexperienced riders find there way into a race group?????
hey racecomp! I take it yer like'n this feller...  :horse:


Very nice move on yer part btw. If the inexperienced rider would've been me, I would've been  :smiley-asskiss: yer ass.
:horse: :horse: :horse: :horse: yeh it kicks :horse: :horse:
I would rather do :horse: :horse: than :smiley-asskiss: :smiley-asskiss: :smiley-asskiss: :devil: :devil: :devil:
no more :smiley-asskiss: fer you!

:devil: :fingure: :twofinger:
Twice, but not once "properly". :jerkit:
The last time went down at the racetrack was in the pits at Eastern Creek helping somebody push start there bike, one stuffed leg and a month off work :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
twice.... me vs car...... and 1 lowside. my legs still have marks underneath all the friggin hair...
3 times,every time within a month of buying a bike.....  TX500, brake issue due to my dumb ass not having it ajusted, HD - Dog ran out in front of me and I braked too hard, S3 last fall - bad gravel on a corner.  The first two were at speeds close to 5 mph, and resluted in little damage, the crash last fall totaled the bike because the steering stop on the frame was broken. :smitty:
Four times so far.

The most recent fall barely counts, since it was just a 10 mph dump into some soft gravel on a dirt road up in Colorado. Chewed up the end of one of my frame sliders, but that was about the extent of the damage. Here I am moments after picking it up:

Prior to that, I had a 70+ mph low-side up in Arkansas in Sept. '05 that I walked away from (ATGATT) but the bike (2000 Sprint RS) was totalled due to impact with a small tree after we parted ways. Better that it was the bike rather than me. Target fixated on a patch of sand in a curve, and sure enough I hit it. Here's the aftermath of that one:

Back in the fall of '82, I went over the hood of a drunk driver turning left in front of me. That totalled my '81 KZ 550 and put me in the hospital for a couple of days (NOGATT). Also did a slow impact into the rear bumper of a car at an intersection a few months earlier, slightly bending the forks, but that one I was able to ride away from. Hadn't learned my lesson yet.

I really hope I'm done with this nonsense - but I'm not gonna count on it. ;)
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trx900 said:
The last time went down at the racetrack was in the pits at Eastern Creek helping somebody push start there bike, one stuffed leg and a month off work :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Sorry Dale, It was a flat battery ;D ;D
scratch said:
I really hope I'm done with this nonsense - but I'm not gonna count on it. ;)
I'm with ya on that one scratch! :horse:
Devious2xs said:
Not this year... so far.
117 days and counting, just like AA. 147 days before that. Hoping for no relapses this year.
cheapbastard said:
scratch said:
I really hope I'm done with this nonsense - but I'm not gonna count on it. ;)
I'm with ya on that one scratch! :horse:
:sign5:X2....... it was a rough year end up here.. 2 rides with a group and 2 downed riders... 1 pretty bad.. I'd like to get my "unlucky to ride with" badge removed....
First time was at approx. 45 mph on a straight stretch of road. I went to move off the centerline and the next thing I know, I am headed for the pavement. I slid approx 150 ft. and ended up in the bushes on the outside of the next turn in the road, with the bike 12 ft. behind me. I walked away with a little road rash on my lower arm and heel of my hand and the tip of my pinky nearly sanded off, but pretty intatct. The Thruxton was totaled though, I think from the tumbling in the gravel turnout it and I tumbled to a stop through.

The second was much like CB's, cold road + cold tires + quick throttle = sure disaster. No damage to me and a replaced mirror and clutch cover to the S3 and off we go.
I'm amazed! This is the first site that I've been too where people have admitted to wrecking without some jackass talking about his amazing riding skills or how they never will go down.

I wrecked my first bike, a 92' FZR 600. I was riding around my mother's house and my tail light went out, so I decided to buy some bulbs and go fix it there. Unfortunately, my father who can do Everything better than me, was there. In his jealous blabbering about how he could ride my bike better than me, I decided that I was going to get away from him as fast as I could. Pulling away from the curb the rear tire slipped in some gravel, kept sliding up the curb into some grass, and off the seat I came while still holding onto the throttle. The bike slapped me on the concrete a couple of times before sending me over the handlebars. Flew threw the air thinking of how I should land, I decided to save myself from breaking my wrists. Turned to the side, took the blow with my right shoulder hard enough to bounce back in the air, flip, and landed on my feet facing my bike. Walked away from it with a bruised shoulder, vicodin, and a bunch of I told you so's from co-workers at the time. Did it right in front of my father and he didn't even help me pick my bike up - bastard!
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