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Well thought i would give it a go as that seems to be the trend. Ive got to get one of those nasty T bar grab rails to stop the other half climbing all over my back and i thought, bloody hell this thing is looking like a Gold Wing so off came front fairing screen and seat cowl.Must admit looks much better.
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Agreed. The flyscreen only goes on when the temps go down or a long trip is planned.
I took mine off about a month ago too! I really likes it without now!
Went for long blast today and i cant believe it but there is less wind without anything out front than with nose cone and screen. Must be that there is nothing to deflect the wind up into your head. The Grin factor is back.
Glad you all agree. I took mine off as soon as I got it home. (01 with the Sky King fairing) To me, it is how it is supposed to look. I thought I was crazy, but I see I'm not the only one that thinks there is less wind in my face without it. I've owned my Speedy for only 2 weeks, and I love her more every day.
I had the Pixie hat on my first S3. I've decided to go without on the second one. I do like the MCJ screen better than the Triumph fly screen, but since it seems impossible to get one I'm not going to even try.

I spent the money I saved on the flyscreen on some carbon fiber bits from Shift Tech.
Good move,in this weather you need as much breeze on you as poss.
I took mine off this weekend and can't believe the difference in how it feels to ride. Now I'm free!
Feels like a completely different bike not having anything up front
Will have to sus this out myself,sounds interesting,to take off or to leave on that is the question.
yeah Bucket, it's been over a couple of months for me now, and I still haven't put the flyscreen back on!
I have had mine on and off several times since new. I prefer the looks with it off. The wind is stronger on my chest but less on my head with it off.
I used to have a Tiger, and my head would get smacked around at high speed by the wind. It was my first bike so I just figured that was what happened when you rode a bike.

Then I got my totally naked S3 and took it up to speed and was amazed at how smooth the wind was- not bouncing my head all over the place!

Naked is the way to go.
The flyscreen in my avatar is off now. Much better looking. I think all the models look better without one.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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