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Good day all

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I admire the S3 from afar

I love the look of it and I love the fact its British - yet I still have not bought one. Will I? Yes I will. When? As soon as I have the cash!
Unfortunately, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has this habit of buying houses (long term investments you see) so I am hoping my sacrifice now will lead to more joy in the future!

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Welcome to the asylum
Welcom!! :wave: Sell a house, buy a Triple!!!
so if you go to a party or something and someone says so what do you do? you say well she buys houses I lust after a speed triple?.......

I kid I kid....... WELCOME! and remeber...

It is better to beg forgivness than to ask permission...... ;D
APtech77 said:, ice, baby.... :wave:
;D welcome ice. :wave: Run and hide while you still can! :horse:
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