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Good movies you've seen recently?

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I just watched "Sunshine" and it is an AWESOME movie! It might be over some peoples heads, but it is a GREAT film. Along the lines of the Space Odyssey movies. It is a sci-fi movie, which I am not terribly into, but this one is REALLY GOOD...

I am having a movie day today, just chillin' and watching movies. I have a three day weekend, and went on a good long poker run with a bunch of Harley twats yesterday, so I figured I would waste a day...

I will post some more recommended movies as I see them.
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Not new but Whiplash.
Just donate it to the local home for wayward strippers and ex-hooters waitresses.
Ok I donate to that anyways. Just feel like giving back to the community and that program keeps giving and giving and giving....
I'm surprised, but I liked this movie.

Dark Places
I liked sicario a lot. Hateful 8 a lot. Ex machina a lot . The Martian was pretty good. The revenant and bone tomahawk were just okay.
I liked Ex Machina, but it was also a bit of a disappointment. It's gorgeous to look at and extremely well acted, but the story fell flat with me. The whole time I was watching it I kept thinking of all the twisted and interesting ways they could go with the story, but in the end they took the obvious track.

Spoiler alert:

**Personally I would have liked the story to go down the road where the AI was in fact Caleb, and that Ava was just a mechanism for Nathan to test him and not an AI at all. ***
Recently I watched spider man no way home and In a word, amazing!!!!!!! In other words, it’s the kind of experience that you have to see to believe!!!!
I like Bucket's cameo at the end, but I was kind of disappointed when he set her on fire.
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